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P&I Condition Survey is to reveal ship’s general situation and present the liability insurer an overall impression on the ship maintenance condition to help P&I clubs to judge whether to accept the ship for entry and direct the ship how to improve for meeting the club minimum requirements.


Hull and Machinery damage survey is mostly acting on behalf of hull underwriter to detect the nature, cause and extent of a hull or machinery damage, to estimate the cost of repairing and/or restore for the specific item according to the price in the market, and distinguish the necessary and adequate workload to protect our client’s interest.


Maritime Investigation is a kind of comprehensive business requiring the attending surveyor with professional knowledge and rich experience. ARTIMET is involved into plenty of marine incidents investigation including collision, grounding, oils spill, human injury, cargo damage, cargo shortage etc. We can dig over deep evidence to discover the potential causation even sometimes offer our suggestion to assist the authority party to judge the partition of liability.


Weight and quantity determination; weight-bridge control, vehicle following and other measurements.
Artımet aims to minimise commercial and physical risks during the loading and unloading of cargo. To accomplish this, we offer reliable and independent weight and quantity inspections by using for example; draft survey, gauging, tank measurement, flow meter, calibrated weighing scales and terminal figures.


Determination of risks of stability of the freight and suitable conditions of the vessels for loading. Inspection of the compatibility of goods before loading.


A draft survey is a means of determining the weight of any materials being loaded into (or discharged from) a vessel. Depending on force of buoyancy of water principle, empty / loaded weights of the vessels are calculated with the help of stability measures on the vessels.  Artımet’s experienced and highly qualified professionals can conduct a draft survey on your behalf and produce an independent draft survey report.


On / Off Hire surveys of vessels or marine structures undertaken either before the vessel or structure is delivered into a charter, or redelivered from a charter. The on/off hire survey reports of Artımet should include a detailed description of a vessel’s cargo spaces and deck areas condition control, cargo space cleanliness, portable securing equipment etc.

Artımet’in uzman personeli gemi kira sözleşmesi yürürlüğe girmeden önce gemiyi muayene eder. Gemi donanımını inceleyerek genel durumunu ve bakım ihtiyaçlarını raporlar. Kira sözleşmesinin sonunda gemiyi yeniden inceleyip dikkate değer değişiklikleri raporlarlar ve tarafların haklarını korur.


Buyers or sellers can order an inspection of the hold prior to loading. This gives both parties the confidence that the cargo will not be contaminated by material already in the hold, or affected in any way by vessel deficiencies. Artımet inspectors photograph, document and report on any abnormalities they encounter. After completing the assessment, we provide an internationally recognized certificate of inspection.


The damage survey services of Artımet provide you with a factual, independent report that helps determine the condition of your cargo and any possible cause of damage.
By establishing the nature and extent of the damage in our cargo damage survey, we can help you mitigate the possible financial losses resulting from damaged goods and products. Hasarın kaynağı, derecesi ve hasarın daha fazla büyümemesi için ne gibi tedbirler alınması gerektiği tespit edilir.


Monitoring to lashing of cargo on board and in containers to the vessels. Securing lashing protects your cargo from conditions of sea and financial losses due to weak lashing probabilities.


To gurantee the expectation of buyers / sellers from the goods, the goods should comply agreement requirements. Artımet checks the quality of the products at production, packaging and loading processes and certifies the quality.